A first couple of tastings

5 May

58720955hdk3mqvabottomless2.jpgBefore trying out Tims blend I was told it was best with little or no milk. I decided to blatantly disregard these suggestions and try it myself.

The first thing I did was compare it to my current favorite blend the Crescendo blend roasted by the roasters at Kaffa and purchased at the great coffebar Java in Oslo. I knew beforehand that the Crescendo blend had a nice fruityness to it owed largely to the bean from Adido, Yirgacheffe which is dry processed. After a few sips I recognised it’s distinct flavour. Tims blend was distinctly different. It has more apparent acidity and a lighter cleaner taste.

I don’t by any means claim to be an experienced and seasoned cupper, but I kow what I like and recognise it when I taste it. I still enjoy the Crescendo blend, but as a straight espresso (ristretto) I feel Tims blend definately holds it’s ground and then some.

I’ve been told that the dry processing that the Adido owes it’s fruityness is also it’s potential flaw. It’s quality is unpredictable and to seasoned cuppers often can taste of rotten fruit.

The next morning I decided to try Tims blend in my morning cappucino in spite of the recommendations. I found that, while still tasting great, the acidity didn’t play that well with the milk.

After this I’ve tried it a couple of times both with and without milk, and much prefer it with little (Macchiato) or no milk.

I’m looking forward to trying out this espresso blend to see what it feels like under the alas all to different moods/temperatures of my ECM Giotto. I really should get it a PID. I’m also looking forward to trying out it’s different components by themselves to take the blend apart so to speak.

Thats it for now folks.

By the way the excellent picture of the naked portafilter extraction was taken by Teme, and is not of either one of the above mentioned blends.


One Response to “A first couple of tastings”

  1. mentness/stuartlee Friday, May 11, 2007 at 20:14 #

    Beautiful blog,

    gonna have to get me on wordpress

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