The story so far…

29 Jul

Me opening a bag of green beans from the farm Santa Alina in Brazil. (Photo taken by Chris Kolbu and ripped without permition from his flickr page. I wont tell if you don't...)
The last few weeks has been an intense experience. After saying yes to start roasting for Tim and quitting my career as a director I’ve been reading, reading and then reading some more about coffee and roasting. This has only been interrupted by actual roasting and being trained both as a barista and a roaster.

So far it’s been a hell of a ride, but I’m up for it. There is still miles and miles to go and I don’t actually expect to stop learnig or improving my skills in this trade. Since changing my working career completely I have not looked back and not once regretted my decision. I recommend this experience to anyone posed with the same life altering dilemma; to quit your present job and start over in another field of work that you are deeply interested in.

The espresso bar/roastery/school is doing good and business is improving by the day. So many people have come by thanking us for opening such a place, and they keep coming back. I wont take credit for this as it is solely Tim that thought out every last detail of the place, but we try to help him make it the place he imagined.

My roasting skills are gradually improving and the machine and I are getting along better every day. The roaster is a 15kg Probat from the 60’s or 70’s refurbished by IMS. Even though it still have some small hickups she produces batch after batch of great coffee. The airflow is a bit too high, and the (gas)flowmeter isn’t working, but these are just cosmetic details and hasn’t stopped us from roasting coffee for three different baristas competing in the WBC. Hopefully we might have helped them all in some small way to win the trophy.

I wish them all good luck and will be looking out for the results of the competition. Tim himself is of course in Tokyo to take part in the proceedings and you can read his comments on his blog which I have listed in the blogroll at the bottom of the page. The webpage for our business is up albeit only in Norwegian and with just parts of the information available, but soon it will be there in all it’s glory and also in English for you all to read. That page is also listed in the link section at the bottom of the page.

Thats it for now, and to all competing down in Tokyo: Good luck!


One Response to “The story so far…”

  1. Stephen Leighton Monday, July 30, 2007 at 11:09 #

    Its true you will never learn it all, and just when you think you are getting close something new comes along to blow you away! That’s the wonderful thing about coffee

    I’m so pleased its going well, long may it continue.

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